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Jianbo - Play Your Part

Director: Nicolee Tsin

Producer: Kitty Yeung

Executive Producer: Charlie Stocker

Assistant Director: Darren Tsang

DP: Samuel Chan

Focus Puller: Sunny Yip

Gaffer: Peter Yau

Camera Operator for Pick-up Shoot: Rose Ng

AC: Yeung Tsz To

Photography: Humothy

Stylist: Rachel Song

Hair Stylist for Jianbo: Chris White

Production Team: Rose Ng

Transportation Captain: Yip Sir

Editor: Amy Dang

Assistant Editor: Matt Dilworth

Colourist: Alex Gregory

VFX Artist: Ikki Dhesi

Sound Designer: Anslem Lai

Graphic Designer: Dan Lovrinov

Graphic Designer: Nickolas Briz-Waters

Graphic Designer: Guillaume Maurin-Belay

Animator: Stefan Iyapah

Kids: Choisum & Alanna

Special thanks: Dominic Morgan & Declan Tsang

Wardrobe: the private label/ Victoria/ Yat Pit/ SSOC Studio

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